With only two weeks to prepare, EY, the exclusive sponsor of Royal Caribbean’s (RCL) four-day SEA BEYOND experiential event, engaged J&L to elevate its brand alongside RCL showcasing innovations in the cruise industry, and capabilities EY brings to disruptive digital transformation. J&L was also able to bring in its video team to capture interviews and footage to showcase on social and at future events. In short fashion, we were able to assemble the right team to create a memorable event.

How we did it

  • Defined what we wanted audiences to feel/takeaway
  • Interviewed RCL executives and EY leadership to create a video that explained the partnership and how EY is helping brands create a powerful customer experience
  • Created an event that grabbed attention with the element of surprise/delight and created a lasting memory
  • Conducted over 20 interviews of executives and digital transformation experts to compile into one storytelling video

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